New Favorite Day

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Welcome to the latest arrival to the Jaguar Rescue Center! This is Chiki Chiki (not sure how she spells her name) and her newborn baby. She is one of the howler monkeys that I have had a chance to work with over the last three months. As part of integrating into the wild, we take her and the other monkeys …


Lexi Came Home to Costa Rica

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I’m one of those people. The annoying ones who have no children, so they talk about their pets. (And someday, when I do have children, I’ll probably be one of those people who can’t stop talking about their children.) Thankfully, my Lexi gives me plenty to talk about. And for other people to talk about. Just as often as I ask …


Puerto Veijo de Talamanca

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When we first moved to Costa Rica, we based ourselves in San Jose. San Jose is in a great spot half way between the two coasts, half way between Nicaragua and Panama, and nestled in the Central Valley. The temperature doesn’t vary much, hovering between 68-85 F (20-30 C). There are great restaurants, theaters, festivals, museums and cheap public transportation. …

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Our full day in Managua

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I hadn’t made an reservations in Managua, because after my one interaction with a hostel in Puerto Viejo, I blithely assumed all hostels would generally have enough room. In a way, I was right. The second night we were there, they were selling couch space, and I’m pretty sure they would have started offering hammock and pool chair space next. …


Our first (real*) border run

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As I often do, I procrastinated planning my first border run. My process went something like: Border run is coming up soon. Derp around. I should figure that out. Derp around until two weeks before Easter. Hey! Semana Santa. We’ll have to do some grocery shopping. I don’t know how much will be open next week. Derp. CURSE WORDS. My …


I’m A Nicer Jekyll/Hyde

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As a kid, I always felt that I was pulled by extremely opposite desires. I wished I lived in the future, I wished I lived in the past. I wanted to be an astronaut, I wanted to be a marine biologist, I wanted to be a hippie. Not much changed as I neared college. I considered pursuing music, art, English, …


The one thing you should never say to an expat…

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Those of us who have chosen to expatriate, who’ve picked up and left our homes because we wanted or our jobs lead us there, have often heard this phrase: “You’re so lucky.” And I’ll admit, I am. But rarely for the reasons the person uttering those words thinks. I’m lucky I was born in a time when travel is fast …


The location of my feet is not my home

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San Jose doesn’t feel like home, but it is finally starting to feel home-like. The cashier at AM/PM starts cracking up when she sees me in line, empty handed, knowing that I will simply grab an almond Snickers and then be on my way. The woman at the café knows I take my coffee sin azucar. The waiter at Machu …

Insanity Monday

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Insanity Monday is about trying new places, new actions, new ideas, and people who insist on being slightly insane in the best kind of way. Tess Vigeland left her job not because she had another dream, or because she hated her job, but because she had too much self respect to stay. But leaving meant leaving all her previous definitions …


Connect, Cut, Burn: 3 Essential Travel Tools

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I’m a boy scout who never joined the scouts — I believe in the motto “always be prepared”, though the scouts and I may have differed on a few points. (My version of a one match fire involves a roll of toilet paper and a bucket of gasoline.) In the US, this translated into prepping for the zombie apocalypse (I …