Insanity Monday

Crystal insanity monday

Insanity Monday is about trying new places, new actions, new ideas, and people who insist on being slightly insane in the best kind of way.

Tess Vigeland left her job not because she had another dream, or because she hated her job, but because she had too much self respect to stay. But leaving meant leaving all her previous definitions of what it meant to be remarkable. When she gave her speech at the World Domination Summit, she knew she needed to redefine her definitions. At the time of the summit, she hadn’t figured out what was next for her, but a few months later, she posted a follow-up.

I’ve been following Mish and Rob since we decided to pack up and go, and they recently announced a great challenge: to create a $500 monthly income from scratch. Since I’ve moved to a contract position I’ve become even more interested in diversifying our income so that if the contract isn’t renewed or something crazy happens and I’m not able to work, we’ll still be okay. I’m going to be following the challenge to learn as much as I can!

Mickey Smith risks his life for a profession that pays him just enough to scrape a living, but he wouldn’t choose anything else. The poetry of his explanation why is just as beautiful as the sea and the sport he captures on film.