Lexi Came Home to Costa Rica

Crystal pets


I’m one of those people. The annoying ones who have no children, so they talk about their pets. (And someday, when I do have children, I’ll probably be one of those people who can’t stop talking about their children.)

Thankfully, my Lexi gives me plenty to talk about. And for other people to talk about. Just as often as I ask someone else, “Did you hear what Lexi did last night?” others are asking me the same question.

“Did you hear what Lexi did last night? I went upstairs to get something out of storage and she was just drinking out of my toilet. No shame. No guilt.”

“Last night Lexi hung out with us at Hot Rocks from about midnight to two, just doing her rounds around the tables, then hanging out with us.”

“Is that your dog? We were calling her Midge! She rode with us in a taxi to Cocles! Look, I have a picture!”

“Lexi is, ¿cómo se dice…? Shameless.”

lexi-taxiJacinto, the man who takes care of the property we rent, said of her, “Ella está enamorada de la calle. Se novio es la calle.” She’s in love with the street. Her boyfriend is the street.

Most of my Lexi posts end up on Facebook. I have this idea that I’d love to do a series of picture books about her, but seeing as she spends most of her time at bars and running away when it’s time to go home, I don’t know that they’d make good children’s picture books. Maybe something more along the lines of All My Friends Are Dead… like All My Friends are Beach Bums. And maybe How to Eat the Best for Free in Puerto Viejo: Maximizing the Potential of Your Puppy Dog Eyes.

Poor Jake doesn’t get as much air time as Lexi. This is because Jake is a DOG, and he knows he’s a DOG. He eats MEAT and DOG FOOD. He runs for the sake of running. He guards the house with ferocity. He doesn’t care whether a sloth is chilling out in the back yard or not.

While this makes Jake very endearing in real life (except for the time he tried to bite the washing machine repair guy AFTER I TOLD HIM THE MAN WAS ALLOWED HERE), there’s only so much I can say about his sweetness before people start edging away uncomfortably.

Lexi however… My friend Ashleigh believes that Lexi absorbed the spirit of a Tico. Lexi has done and said nothing to dispute this belief. She’s probably been waiting to come here her whole life, even if she didn’t know it.

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