Finding my way

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A former boss of mine has been an absolute champ, connecting me with recruiters and letting me know about job opportunities. So I had a meeting with a recruiter who is looking for possibilities for me, and while he may turn up nothing, it’s nice to have someone helping. Even if they’re getting paid for it.

In the meantime, I’ve delved deep into some design work, mostly covers for books. I’ve done this for a few years now, but really only for a couple of friends for fun, but then someone who I’ve worked on for some other projects asked me for a cover, she loved it and I got paid for it. What I love about cover design is that it’s a (comparatively) quick turn around from start to completion, I can create pre-mades for quick sales which also advertises my abilities to do custom work. So I dug in and spent a few days creating some covers, uploaded them to my fairly dormant Facebook page, and then started liking other designer’s pages and joining their groups to get an idea of how people market on FB and what the current selling trends are, etc.

One of the groups I joined was a friend I met at UtopiaCon a couple years ago, singing Disney songs in the hotel lobby at three in the morning. She, being the awesome lady that she is and totally embodying the Utopia Tribe motto of “Lift as you Climb” offered to bring me into her group as a designer to help me get started. And I immediately sold one of my pre-made covers because of someone in that group. It’s not an income yet, but it’s a start!

I’m feeling a little less at sea today, and a little more focused.

My current goal is to build the financial freedom to work on a business software with my friend Niki. We’ve been planning and working on it since November, and I’m the definitely slow point in the process, with most of my time captured by the little man. I’m looking forward to having enough steady income to let Jonathan quit his work, if he wants, to watch little man, or to hire someone to watch him more full time. I love being with him, but I feel more myself when I get to work. My ideal situation is working from home with someone watching him in the house so I can hang out with him when I have down time or need a break.

Leaving the States, even though I was fairly dependent on my job for stability at the time, gave me a ton of freedom. Losing that “stability” actually gave me more freedom. It cut my mental ties to what I think I need. Leaving the States I learned I don’t need a ton of “stuff.” Losing financial “stability” I learned I don’t need or want to be dependent on anyone other than myself for my financial freedom. And I’m still learning that. It’s a process.

So today, I’m feeling good about my path. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.