So if there’s a thunderstorm, earthquake, tsunami, AND a tornado, what’s the game plan?

Crystal Uncategorized

So occasionally, I’ll have these completely irrational fears about the safety of my child.

For instance, as we’re laying in bed and see of flash of light that looks like lightning, but is probably just a car, and I’ll wonder: what would happen if we had a really bad storm and/or an earthquake that destabilizes the house, or if the floor just gives way and the bed falls down to the bottom level? If it breaks evenly, we’ll be fine, and it’ll be like one of those elevator drop rides, cushioned by the bed.

But what if one side or corner goes first, and we tilt in and there’s jagged wood everywhere? Would curling into a ball around my child, assuming I have enough time, be enough protection? Gah, the worst thing would be to survive your child. Especially something like falling through your floor and getting impaled on wood.

The worst.

This kind of thing drives Jonathan nuts (not that I actually say these things aloud, it’s just how I spend my free time) because the moment he says anything that hints that he thinks one of these possible ugly futures might happen (the last time it was something I was concerned might lead to Lexi being so sick she might die. No, I don’t remember what it was. It was like, two weeks ago and didn’t happen so it’s been deleted from the fears list) I completely unload on him. Like, oh, you noticed this strange behavior too? I’M NOT OVERTHINKING THINGS! Now let me share the million thoughts I’ve been having about this over the last week or month or year and let’s discuss all the possible scenarios, likelihoods, and plans A-Z.

You would think he’d appreciate my preparedness. But no. F a man who enjoys planning for the Zombie Apocalypse (but who doesn’t?), he’s less than enthusiastic about planning for other kinds of possible but not certain scenarios.

I know I’m not the only one, though. Tell me your irrational (or rational but strange) fears about your children.