The line between reason and excuse is very gray

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There’s a lot of things I had planned to do the last couple days. Respond to comments. Get some applications and work done. Clean. Take six month photos of Little Man.

None of that happened. I did, however, manage to take the child for his vaccinations, find the new Chinese food place outside of town (and eat Chinese food)… and that’s basically it. I did cover the morning shift at the hostel I work at (normally Sunday mornings, but Saturday, Sunday, Monday this week) while the owners (my dear friends Dani and Dave) went up to San José to finalize paperwork to transfer complete ownership of the hostel to them instead of just renting it. That’s done, which means celebration time! But we have to wait five weeks because Dani left for Thailand this morning to work a women’s retreat with This American Girl and get some travel in.

Those sentences are so jumbled, but I just woke up at 11:30 after going to bed before 7 with the little man, so it is what it is.

Jonathan is working his second shift as a bar back tonight. And I mean both second shift in this is the second time he has worked there and it’s his second shift of the day, after going in to the Jaguar Rescue Center at 8:30 and it’s second shift hours. or is it third shift hours? Does that change based on how the company defines the shifts or is there some kind of generally accepted shift schedule.

Not important.

All this to say, a lot of things didn’t get done, and it’s hard not to be hard on myself for that. And yeah, my brain knows that I have a child in the midst of a growth spurt and my most important job is to make sure he’s taken care of, and I don’t have water (did I mention the water went out today? Again?) so cleaning would be limited anyway, and my wheat allergy is attempting to wiggle its way back into my life and I’m not one of those lucky ladies who gets to continue missing out on menstrual cycles while breastfeeding so there’s hormones…

I know these are reasons, but they feel like excuses. It’s hard to see the differences from the inside.