October 2013. Someone asked a question: “Why not move to Costa Rica?”

We didn’t know Spanish. We’d never been to Costa Rica before. We would be going from two incomes to one. But we picked up our lives, pared down to the minimum, and took off.

Insane? Slightly. A small insanity.

Why did we, in the space of one week, decided to uproot our lives as we know it? In the space of three months, get rid of 90% of our belongings and fly to Costa Rica? The only answer we have is “because we can.”

The world is so wide open to us it’s terrifying. And exhilarating.



  • Jonathan took a contract for a political campaign back in the States
  • We moved back to TN for half the year
  • Moved back to Costa Rica
  • Alex was born!
  • Crystal lost her job


  • Jonathan started volunteering at the Jaguar Rescue Center
  • Jonathan lost a crazy amount of weight, and we found out he had caught an intestinal parasite from the monkeys…
  • Found out we were pregnant!


  • Moved to San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Visited Nicaragua on our first border run by land
  • Moved to Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica
  • Brought the dogs from New York to Costa Rica
  • Purchased land on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica
  • First Christmas in Puerto Viejo


  • Begin construction on our shipping container home
  • Spend an autumn in a country that actually has one